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Most funs, exciting & effective fitness classes in St Petersburg, FL

Most funs, exciting & effective fitness classes in St Petersburg, FL
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Thu, 31 Jan 2013 11:32:52 +0800
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Krazy Kardio is the latest fitness craze to reach the St. Pete area. Not only is it fun & exciting, it’s a seriously effective fitness classes in St Petersburg and nothing else compares. Gain confidence, improve cardiovascular health, and learn useful self-defense techniques and burn calories with the craziest fitness instructor in St. Petersburg, FL Kellie Paradis. This women-only fitness studio specializes in the most unique, effective, high-energy cardio kickboxing St. Pete has to offer. The classes work every inch of the body! Giving you strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and results you’ve never seen. Not only is Kellie fun & crazy, she is a master motivator and will give you the personalized attention everyone needs to achieve your fitness goals.
Not only is Krazy Kellie one of the best women’s Cardio Kickboxing instructors to ever live, she also is a great Zumba Fitness trainer. When it comes to fitness, Kellie is your girl…she does Cardio Kickboxing & Zumba classes and even personal training like you’ve never seen before. Krazy Kardio is St. Pete’s finest cardio kickboxing, aerobic, group fitness, gym, fitness facility or whatever you want to call it studio.
Please visit for more information about Krazy Kardio or you can call us NOW! (727) 859 - 5425.

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Krazy Kardio, LLC
6480 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg
(727) 859 - KICK (5425)
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Krazy Kardio, LLC, 6480 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida 33707, United States
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