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PVC Multi-functional large caliber pipe machinery

PVC Multi-functional large caliber pipe machinery
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The PVC pipes features high chemical resistance and insolubility; the sizes are standard and stable, wall thickness is even; withstand high pressure, inflaming retarding and high strength; the pipe’s wall is smooth and of low friction, not get scaled, high transmission efficiency; long service life, about 20-50 years. The PVC pipes are widely used in agricultural water drainage pipes; water supply and drainage pipes in buildings, cable laying, etc.
This machine group consists mainly of twin conical (parallel) screw extruder, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off, cutter, tilter...etc. The screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter, the barrel and screw are under hard chrome plated an bimetallic treatment, effectively reduce the abrasion caused by the CaCo3 and other additives. Both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products.
The haul-off machine includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type...etc. Sawing cutting machine or planet cutting machine can be applied, it is additionally equipped with length measuring meter and thickness increasing device, the property of machine group is reliable, the production efficiency is high, with special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer foam pipe...etc. Change the extruder, the line can also produce PP, PE, ABS, PP-R, PEX silicon core pipe and pipe of other material.
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