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carbon fiber telescopic pole

carbon fiber telescopic pole
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carbon fiber telescopic pole from china.
1) carbon fiber telescopic pole manufacturing technology
 roll-wrapping technique is used to make carbon fiber telescopic pole that we supply. It is a moulding process which means the material is laid up around a mandrel. The material is prepreg carbon fiber cloth, added in layers to achieve the required structural properties and physical dimensions. once the material is laid up, a heat-shrink wrap is applied to the tube and it is placed in an oven for the resin to cure. the heat-shrink wrap is able to contract and pressure the tube to help cure the resin and make sure the resin is evenly distributed throughout the tube.
2)carbon fiber telescopic pole applications
the incredible strength and light weight of carbon fiber telescopic pole makes it possible for all sorts of performance application, ranging from tripod legs to high-level window cleaning,etc.
 3)carbon fiber telescopic pole surface finish
The carbon fiber telescopic pole surface finish options include 3k sanded smooth surface, 3k unsanded surface, sanded carbon-black surface, etc. But we do not suggest the paint finish, because the paint is easy to break when long time using and also harm to the workers when processing.  Happy and Healthy product is our core concept.
Welcome to weihai,shandong,China,carbon fiber telescopic pole outstanding manufacturers.
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