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remote control Intelligent Robot/ multifunction robot//robot manufacturer/

remote control Intelligent Robot/ multifunction robot//robot manufacturer/
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Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:27:42 +0800
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The robot has 22 joints of degrees of freedom, where in 5 degrees of freedom are in each legs, 5 degrees of freedom in each arms, and each have one degree of freedom head and waist. With these he can complete a variety of complex movements and hands are more flexible. With 3-axis gyroscope and infrared sensors, he can perceived of the physical state of his balance, and get up independently when falls. He has wireless communication modules inside and can be controlled by IPAD /IPHONE or remote control. He is easy and convenient to operate by using graphical programming interface. The robot can also be equipped with a variety of armors, carrying a variety of light and heavy weapons and play various robot game roles. Players can attach to the skeleton different styles of outfits according to their needs.

The skeleton to attach shell morphology, just a skeleton yourself with a variety of styles, some robot shell can own another DIY, do their own robot.
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