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Anesthesia mask machine

Anesthesia mask machine
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Fri, 14 Mar 2014 14:23:26 +0800
365 Days
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The machine is the most advanced full-automatic latex Foley catheter production line.
with the latest international production technology which makes the production line
achieve a truly mechanical automation.

Using the international advanced technology preparation presulfurization latex production
and the imported mature rubber, after processed by the professional rubber company from UK,
Latex with a stable performance. And with the international advanced PLC control automatic dipping forming system..

1.The production efficiency greatly improved, forming production line per capita production
efficiency is 80-90pcs/hour (manual work:50 -60pcs/hour).

2.Products consistency are quite good, the product quality are stable, not only in line with international standards,
but also far more than the international standard.

3.The product qualified rate can reach 87-92% (manual work: 75-80%)

4.Reduce the waste of materials. Wasting of the latex rubber is less than 10% of the manual production,
and the production cost significantly lower than the cost of manual production.

5.The balloons of foley catheter with high consistency and stability.

6.Can get the costs of machines back within 6 months.

7.The capacity is 1,000,000-3,000,000pcs/month.

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