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suzhou Rubber Speed Bump

suzhou Rubber Speed Bump
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1 specialized designed, notable decelerate effect, without noise and uncomfortable feeling

2 high intensity rubber, firm and useful, good anti-impact ability

3 set up flexibly according the request of the customer, convenient installment

4 black and yellow, affect in day and night, attack the attention of the drivers to decelerate successfully

5 widely used, one of the newest traffic safe productions, a good helper of the manager


Mainly used for city intersection, highroad crossing, toll gate, garden, village, parking lot, and gas station, etc.

Installation instructions:

1) Speed bumps can be installed on the surface of asphalt roads and concrete roads

2) To improve life span, the road must be smooth. After drilling, clean

Up the holes and remove the dust, oil and debris from the holes.

Using the special adhesive put the bottom of the bump to the surface

Of the road

3) For A type road bumps, use a steel bar or PVC pipe to link them up from the middle

Holes in order to strengthen the power of force resistance

4) The fixer and the hole must be matched in size

5) Fixer for asphalt roads: expansive screw (standard parts, the customer can easily purchase on local market)

Fixer for concrete roads: bolt (standard parts, the customer can easily purchase on local market)

Body size(mm): 500*900*50mm

End cap size(mm): 270*900*50mm

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