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marijuana for sale weed ,kk weed for sale ,text us or call (678) 753-5912

marijuana for sale weed ,kk weed for sale ,text us or call (678) 753-5912
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Thu, 05 Mar 2015 08:22:55 +0800
1095 Days
$30 USD
Space Top quality Buds Sour D

and Og Hey , We have some extra

top shelf meds available to

Dispensaries, Patients and

private buyers. These meds are

organically grown indoors. Very

good meds at reasonable


strains OG Kush Bubba kush Sour

Diesel Blueberry Purple Haze

Purple kush Blue Dream Green

Crack Whithe widow All

Connoisseur grade, frosty needs

2 turkey bags to mask pungent

odor. Medical marijuna ,Blue

Dream, Purple Haze, Pineapple

Express, Blue Ivy OG Kush and

white Blackberry Frost for sale

We are top manufacturer and

suppliers of high grade

Medicals We have purple kush,

medical marijuana and all other

related meds for sale including

Acapulco Gold, BC Bud,

Holland’s Hope, G-13, Jedi,

Kush, Netherlands Weed,

Northern Lights, Panama Red,

Purple Haze, Quebec Gold,

Skunk, White Widow. We have

built our superb reputation by

offering our customers a

pleasant & professional

shopping experience, excellent

quality products with friendly

customer support. We are

satisfied when we get

satisfactory feedback from our

customers. Please check below

our available meds Ocean

Breeze: Diesel (not nyc):

Afgani Kush: Purple Haze: Sour

Diesel: Purple Kush: White

Widow: Jedi: Skunk: Blueberry:

OG Kush: OC Bubbleberry: M-

39/AK-47 : lemon kush :Green

Crack:Grand Daddy Purple: Sensi

Star x ak47:Sensi Star x ak47:

Customers worldwide can use our

online order tracker to check

the state of their order.

Orders come in crush proof

plain discrete envelopes. below

are the strains we have and

your price list so you can make

your order and get back to us ;

*Blue Dream:: Grade :A *Purple

Haze: Grade: A *Pineapple

Express:Grade: B * Blue Ivy OG

Kush:Grade: A+++ *Blackberry

Frost::::Grade: A-/B+ *Green

Crack: Grade: AA *sour Diesel

:::Grade: A+Top Shelf *Grand

Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A

*Sensi Star x ak47 :Grade: AAA

*Afghan Kush :Grade: A

*Northern Lights #5 Grade
contact us here 6787535912
email us here ,

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