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optical dome-China Sen Hishi

optical dome-China Sen Hishi
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optical domes-Sen Hishi

Manufacture in China
rich experience and speical for large size windows

Typical Applications;
1 Intelligent High Speed Dome field;
2 High-speed operation of submarine-based optoelectronic devices;
3 Airborne optoelectronic devices operating at high speed;
4 High-speed operation of land-based optoelectronic devices;
Dimensional range,limit deviation(mm):
1 Radius of curvature(SR): 25 ~ 150;
2 Caliber(D): φ50 ~φ200;
3 Wall thickness(T): ≥ 2;
4 Dome height(H): ≤Dia. 3/4

We are Sen Hishi Crystal S&T (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd is professional R & D sapphire (Al2O3), quartz, tungsten carbide and other hard and brittle materials. And we are a import and export trade of high-tech enterprises; have sapphire outstanding professional technical team and advanced processing equipment. We have this experience more than 20 years. And our technology team worked mainly military objects before.
Our main products include:,
Sapphire dome, dome shaped sapphire, sapphire super dome;
Sapphire optical window films and substrates, gems square sheets and rectangular pieces;
Sapphire lens, sapphire prism, blue / ruby ball, sapphire rod, sapphire laser rod;

Our customers most of them from Germany, Frances, Russian, Japan, USA and so on more than 20 countries.

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