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single color bottles screen printing machine

single color bottles screen printing machine
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Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:43:02 +0800
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single color bottles screen printing machine

This machine special on printing cylindrical products with diameter 80mm.
1 Per position is induction with electric eye, having accuracy position and excellent function.

2 The Squeegee moving from left to right with guide pillar structure, moving smooth, light and hardy to provide the printing quality.
3 The Squeegee moving from left to right with FESTO ORIGA which suitable to high accuracy printing.
4 The screen frame raising and down with guide pillar, high accuracy, moving stable.
5 As your need, can setting printing once, twice etc.
6 Stable function, the whole machine is controlled by Microcomputer.
7 As the customer requested, Setted two program, single cycling and automatic printing.
8 With Japan Germany pneumatic components, dynamic smooth and durable.
9 Can remember the setted program.
Parameter of this Machine:
Item Number: SHX-260R
Max printing Diameter 80mm
Mini Printing diameter 10mm
Max screen Frame size 350x 500 mm
Max printing area: 200x 260mm
Worktable SQC Size 30x 9mm
SQC holder Length: 100mm or 200mm
Air consumption 2/ Cycle
Air Expend/ cycling 2.1L
Printing Speed 1400 pcs/ hour
Screen Frame stroke to up and down 80mm
Power 50W
Voltage of source 220V/ 1 phase 50 HZ
Net Weight 160Kg
Dimension 700mm x 750mmx 1620mm

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Tang Sheeny
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Xixiang Shu Nanchang first industrial 7,Baoan,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China Shenzhen, Other 527000, Other
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