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Levothyroxine Sodium Powder China Agent

Levothyroxine Sodium Powder China Agent
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In the first approach, the goal is to achieve an ongoing edge in fat loss or to help maintain a near-personally-ideal body composition. In this approach, T3 dosing is very low, preferably 12.5 mcg/day but in some cases as much as 25 mcg/day. At the lower end of this range, typically thyroid testing will show no detectable suppression even with prolonged use. At the higher end, moderate suppression is sometimes seen, but results are superior to when T3 is not taken, and the suppression reverses rapidly upon discontinuing T3 use.

In the second approach, the goal is to achieve a quite substantial increase in rate of fat loss, at the known cost of inducing thyroid suppression. Most preferably the dosage is about 50 mcg/day, but in some instances can be as high as 75 mcg/day. Such use is preferably not ongoing, but only for a limited period of time such as 8-12 weeks, though there’s no exact requirement for timeframe.
Levothyroxine Sodium Powder China Agent
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