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Safe and Super Pure 99% Rimonabant CAS 168273-06-1 for Wight Loss

Safe and Super Pure 99% Rimonabant CAS 168273-06-1 for Wight Loss
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Safe and Super Pure 99% Rimonabant CAS 168273-06-1 for Wight Loss

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Product name Rimonabant
Other Name ACOMPLIA;RIMONABANT;RIMONABANT(ACOMPLIA,SR141716);5-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-N-piperidinopyrazole-3-carboxamide;1H-Pyrazole-3-carboxamide, 5-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-N-1-piperidinyl-;5-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-N-1-piperidinyl-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide;A 281;Sr 141716
Original China
CAS 168273-06-1
Molecular formula C22H21Cl3N4O
MW 463.79
Brand name NJBNSteroid
Leading time within 24 hours upon receipt of payment
Delivery Fast and secure shipping by EMS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS
Purity 99%
Package Discreet and Hidden package according to specific requirement
Appearance White Powder
Certification SGS, ISO 9001, KOSHER
Payment Terms Western Union, Money Gram , T/T, Bitcoin
Minimum Order Quantity 5g
Price Negotiable
Usage : The drug Rimonabant is a common medicine that is used for weight loss.

(1) Obesity Treatment
Rimonabant is a weight loss drug, can significantly reduce weight, reduce waist circumference and reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but also can improve blood lipids and insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, especially for the presence of clinical obesity or heart disease people at risk. 

(2)Smoking cessation
Rimonabant may also be found to be effective in assisting some smokers to quit smoking. Sanofi is currently conducting studies to determine the possible value of rimonabant in smoking-cessation therapy. The Studies with Rimonabant and Tobacco Use (STRATUS) program involves more than 6,000 subjects. STRATUS is designed to explore two smoking-related therapies: first, to use rimonabant directly to aid in smoking cessation; second, to help prevent weight gain in former smokers. Initial results apparently suggest rimonabant is effective for both uses. However, the FDA has explicitly stated to Sanofi that, without additional studies, rimonabant cannot be approved in the United States for smoking cessation therapy.
Safe and Super Pure 99% Rimonabant CAS 168273-06-1 for Wight Loss
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