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Antiestrogen Powder Raloxifene

Antiestrogen Powder Raloxifene
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Raloxifene Advantage

Because of Raloxifene’s greater differences in its selectivity of Estrogen agonism and antagonism in different tissues in the body, there is ongoing investigation of its application in other diseases, including prostate cancer, acromegaly, uterine cancer, cardiovascular disease, and breast cancer.

Bodybuilders and anabolic steroid users are attracted to the use of Raloxifene due to its nature as an anti-estrogen in the fight against Estrogen-related side effects that are usually caused by the use of aromatizable androgens that result in high blood plasma levels of Estrogen in the body. A common estrogenic side effect as a result of this is the development of gynecomastia. In the realm of gynecomastia in particular, Raloxifene has actually demonstrated more promising effectiveness than Nolvadex (Tamoxifen).

As is common with all SERMs and anti-estrogens, Raloxifene has also demonstrated considerable benefit in stimulating endogenous natural Testosterone production in males, as studies have demonstrated an increase of serum Testosterone levels by 20% from 120mg of Raloxifene per day.

Raloxifene Dosage

The recommended dosage is one 60 mg EVISTA (raloxifene) tablet daily, which may be administered any time of day without regard to meals.
Antiestrogen Powder Raloxifene Antiestrogen Powder Raloxifene Antiestrogen Powder Raloxifene
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