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CAS 6303-21-5 Hypophosphorous acid 50%

CAS 6303-21-5 Hypophosphorous acid 50%
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CAS 6303-21-5 Hypophosphorous acid 50%
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Chinese name Hypophosphorous acid

CAS 6303-21-5
EINECS 228-601-5
Chemical formula H3O2P
Molecular weight 65.9964
inchi InChI=1/H3O2P/c1-3-2/h3H2,(H,1,2)
Melting point -25℃
Water-soluble SOLUBLE
Physical and chemical properties Colorless oily liquid or deliquescent crystal. Easily soluble in hot water, ethanol and ether. Soluble in cold water.
Product use It is a strong reducing agent, used to make hypophosphites such as sodium hypophosphite and calcium hypophosphite

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product list :
Hypophosphorous acid CAS 6303-21-5
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gamma-butyrolactone γ-butyrolactone cas 96-48-0
boric acid chunks /flakes

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Tetramisole hcl cas 5086-74-8
Benzyl cyanide CAS:140-29-4
4-Methylpropiophenone CAS:5337-93-9

Phenacetin CAS:62-44-2
Pyrrolidine cas 123-75-1

Valerophenone CAS:1009-14-9

Procaine base CAS:59-46-1
procaine hcl cas 51-05-8
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